Wash brings content to life across all forms of digital and motion picture media.

We offer more than 15 years' experience in film, photography, graphics and music – and we draw on a wide and wonderful collective of producers, directors, filmographers, animators, visual artists, musicians and audio engineers, assembling a dedicated team to each project’s aims, audience and budget.

On every project, we want to reach out to the viewer on an emotional level, leaving a distinct and powerful impression regardless of the channel or medium. Whether TV advertising or brand film, social media campaigns or product showcases, we make films that make an impression.

We’ve assembled a team equipped to work on a wide range of projects, whether setting up a large studio production or sending out a nimble crew into the field. Today we’re a well-respected and influential member of the industry, known across the region for our work in the education, leisure & hospitality, retail, manufacturing and construction sectors.