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Iain H Williams - Artist

Part of an ongoing series of films of artists for The Artistry House, Preston.

The Artistry House in Preston is a creative hub for the city and wants to engage with artists within the county. It was an idea that started in lockdown and was originally compiled on Zoom, but the idea was to always go into artists studios and find out more about their practice. This is one of the films in the series, with more to come.


Exploring the abstract image and mark-making within an expressionistic form, Iain has created his own bold visual language and motifs, referencing urban links and contemporary imagery whilst setting his own style.

Iain’s work moves between raw canvas and paper, combining textures, harnessing energetic marks and a deft use of colour, sometimes restrained, other times unrestricted and highly primal

Creative Concept/Direction/Edit/Production

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